We’ve got an announcement to make…

After a number of lineup changes, the Measure increasingly became Fid and I finding ways to continue making music together. For a while, that was working, but this Fall I made the decision that I can’t continue with the band. There were a lot of personal reasons behind that and I realized that my heart just wasn’t in the project anymore. It’s not fair to anyone to try to keep going after that, especially when you’re expected to tour and write music and play shows and look like you’re having a good time. As far as parting ways goes, it’s a fairly amicable event and I’m glad that we’re ending the band on good terms and as friends.

We started the band when I was 20, and if you had told me then that I would get to travel around the country, put out over 18 records and play with some of my favorite bands because of it, I’d think you were out of your mind. It’s been a great privilege and I hope those experiences don’t end here. Fid and I will certainly be putting out music in other bands soon, so stay tuned.

We’re planning on releasing the next collection record of the more recent 7”s later in 2011 and intend on playing Fest 10 (Oct 28,29,30-2011) for one final show. There’s a possibility of another couple 7”s as well. Locally, we’ll be playing our last shows during the second weekend in April in Brooklyn and New Brunswick. Details to be announced soon.

We want to thank everyone who has been so helpful and supportive over the years. Especially those who have set up shows, given us places to stay and put out records for us (Don Giovanni, Kiss of Death, Salinas, Chunksaah, Ernest Jenning, Art of the Underground, Los Diaper, Team Science, Snuffy Smiles and No Idea) . We’re incredibly grateful to the awesome folks at No Idea who have both distro’d our records and put out a split 7” and LP for us, getting our music out there to a larger audience than we were able to do on our own. They’ve been one of our favorite labels for a long time and it was an honor to get to work with them so closely both as a label and as friends.

To Mike Regrets, Big A, J Nixon, Mikey Yannich, Joel Control, Tim Burke!, Chris Pierce, Gore, Joey Birds, DanO, CJ, and Marco Reosti: thanks for getting through this band with us.

Lauren + Fid



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11 responses to “We’ve got an announcement to make…

  1. Jewbacca


  2. Sad to hear about this, but I’m sure you two will continue to put out equally good music with other projects.

  3. Al Palmer

    Truly gutted.

  4. I have fall in Love with Your Music since an half year, haven’t already bought nothin’ but wishin’ it with All My Soul, and Listening to You to continue to Dream. Readin’ this is like kill me, I’m really sad to get this news, really sad to have meet You so late. You Guys was really a Purpose to Live. It was Marvelous, I wish to You best of Luck, Hoping to Hear from You, Lauren and Fid, Wonderfull New Sounds to come back to Dream.
    I Love You, Always.
    Enjoy Your Life, Always.


  5. And Please make Me know whenever You will produce again.

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  7. Bob Naylor

    Shit, now who will I ask to play a set on my radio show? You guys made amazing music and I’m very sad I found out about it so late in the game. I guess expecting such an amazing thing to last forever is unrealistic though… good luck to you in whatever you decide to do from here on out!

  8. Bad news indeed. Thanks for everything guys!!

  9. bricksareheavy

    Oh bugger it! I only discovered your band today on Powerpopulist, streamed your song and was bouncing around the room filled with intense happiness. Now you’re breaking up? Bugger. I’ve ordered Notes from No Idea and I’m downloading Songs About People and now I’m very sad and sorry I haven’t heard you before. My commiserations. I’ll be listening for your next projects.

  10. Pierre

    Really sad to hear about this and more sad to know that I’ll probably never see you in live. I’ll still listen to your music with the same pleasure anyway.
    Cheers from France !

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