Full info on the last local shows

See below for info on our last local shows.  We’ll be playing these two, along with The Fest 10 in Gainesville, Florida.

Everyone who attends the last local shows will get a copy of our new 7″ single “Jersey’s Best”, coming out on Don Giovanni Records.  This is a limited pressing and MIGHT not be available after the shows.

Help us spread the word. Hope to see lots of folks in Brooklyn and New Brunswick next month!


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One response to “Full info on the last local shows

  1. Gesine

    Yeah! Wait, what!? Nooooo! This can’t be.

    Grooveshark has just recently pleasently surprised me by playing “Happy here” which brought my attention to this band. I just listened to one more song, and was hooked! I actually can’t wait for the songs to be over, so I can listen to them again…is that weird? Such a pleasure to hear decent, hand-made punk rock these days! A rare gem! Now that I hurried over to your website to see whether you might actually venture over to Europe for this fantastic up-coming festival summer, I have to learn that my joy is to be short-lived, and that you plan to trow in the towel? Or are these not literally your last shows? Am I soon gonna be left with your songs to listen to, and the mere memory that this awesome band has once existed, without ever having seen you rock out live? Damn, you non-existent time travel!

    Thanks for rocking as hard as you do! Still hope to hear more in the future!

    All the best,
    a new fan!

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